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  • Power Apps: Use FetchXML Instead of OData In JavaScript

    OData is awesome but there are some scenarios in which using FetchXML just makes more sense. For example, when searching NN Relationships. The following code uses FetchXML by encasing the query in the “backtick” character. This code searches a custom “account_contactNN” many-to-many intersect using an Account ID to find all related Contacts. You may need […]

  • Dynamics CRM Clone A Record With JavaScript

    A very common request we often get is to have a clone record button added to an Entity. The JavaScript code tends to be the bigger issue than adding the ribbon button so to keep this post clean and direct the following code with cycle through every Field (unless one is excluded) to create a […]

  • Setup Dynamics CRM E-mail Router with Office 365

    Setting up the Dynamics CRM E-mail Router can be a bit tricky considering access rights to the Office 365 accounts. The long story short is that one account must be designated as the account through which all E-mail will pass. This means that account must have something called “Send As” privileges to the other Office […]

  • Open New Dynamics CRM Record with Pre-Populated Fields

    A very common JavaScript customization is to open another Entity with pre-populated Fields from the original Entity. This is achieved using the “openEntityForm” method provided by the Microsoft SDK. In the example below, this code could be triggered from the Opportunity to open a Phone Activity that populates the “Name,” “Regarding,” and “Regarding Type” from […]

  • Dynamics CRM JavaScript Code Basics

    Dynamics CRM JavaScript programming is actually far easier than most people would believe with so much code being re-used so frequently. While an exact percent would be impossible to achieve, it could be said that probably 80% of the code anyone will needĀ for JavaScript Form customization can be can found in the following list. ———————————————- […]