Auxiliary Force Technology

Dynamics 365 is the fastest growing ERP/CRM architecture on the market. Find out every tip, trick, and answer you need to know to make this truly “dynamic” …


Dynamics CRM is the most powerful CRM software around. Explore how tuning this software can give you so much more than you have ever expected …

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You cannot say “CRM” without a world of other tools coming to mind. Discover how these software packages complete your setup …



New Horizons

The technology revolution has brought about incredible changes in how we do business. Unfortunately, with the flood of options available, knowing what technology is part of your personal and business revolution can be tricky.

Auxiliary Force Technology is dedicated to educating for a better horizon!

Why Auxiliary Force?

  • Success in multiple industries (including professional sports, Federal government, manufacturing, and more).
  • Mastery of technology-related product usage.
  • Expertise in CRM software integration.
  • Creative and plain-spoken solutions.
  • Custom code for unique solutions.
  • Full lifecycle certification, Dynamics CRM and


With over a generation of experience, the time for offering something special to the CRM community seemed less of a choice and more of an obligation.

Auxiliary Force Technology was created on that obligation. An obligation to help users with adoption, help adopters grow their use, and help everyone else learn how CRM can make their lives better!

The CRM market is expected to reach growth levels of over 85% by 2024.

Business Today, 2018