Auxiliary Force Technology

Auxiliary Force Technology specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting services including product advisement, customizations, and training. As is the case with most projects, the scope of work generally includes tasks related to non-Dynamics CRM software. Compatibility-engineering to engage non-Dynamics CRM software with other software is 100% supported but should be specified in detail to an Auxiliary Force Technology consultant for the most accurate quote.

While special pricing is available depending on the contract, the below chart can be used as a guide to estimate potential project costs. Please contact us for the most accurate quote before concluding any major business decisions.

General Non-Labor Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM product selection, feature advisement, feature selection and compatibility, upgrade path modeling, and all other general, non-labor assistance (not including non-Dynamics CRM software).

Example: Client needs a compatability analysis perfomed regarding upgrade feasibility from Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Dynamics CRM 2016.


$95/hr USD

General Dynamics CRM Labor Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM setup, code customizations, interface configurations, charts, dashboards, system modeling, and all labor activities.

Example: Client needs Dynamics CRM upgraded from Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Dynamics CRM 2016 and certain new features customized.


$110/hr USD

Third-Party Software Integration Services

Custom configurations between Dynamics CRM and another third-party tool including database syncing, specialized code, and extensions.

Example: An application with a SQL Server database must be used as a source for Dynamics CRM records and will need custom integration.


$115/hr USD

Training Services

Dynamics CRM training for individuals or groups, written/video tutorials created for ongoing use by client.

Example: Client needs training videos for how to step through the Dynamics CRM system the organization uses.


$105/hr USD

Project Repair Services

Project repair services, completmentary solutions, and assistance with current project management.

Example: A project has come to an undesirable end with another consulting company and needs state-analysis and completion.



$110/hr USD

*Special discounts apply for educational, community protection, and military institutions. Please request special pricing with a consultant.