Auxiliary Force Technology

Budgets are a promise for funding. Shouldn’t project engineers be able to promise delivery just as accurately knowing the numbers are already set?

We at Auxiliary Force Technology believe the answer is “yes” and do not view budgets as relative.

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A project is planned from beginning to end, or a project becomes a plan that never ends. To us, that’s not a plan.

For too long consultants have forged relationships with clients that assume an ongoing system of payment. While an ongoing relationship sounds appealing, the ongoing payments means problems to us.

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If IT is supposed to make life easier, why do so many projects leave clients managing problems?

The simple answer here is one of two things:

  1. The technicians lacked the ability, or,
  2. The expectations were not set correctly.

In either case, Auxiliary Force Technology has you covered…

Our combined experience must meet the Microsoft Gold Partner level for certifications before we choose to offer services in a particular area.

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On average, 60% of all major projects fail to meet client expectations. Maybe it is time to start listening to the client, and even more importantly, stop telling them what they want to hear, just to close a deal.

The fact is, when most projects begin, the main goal of a consultant is to make the pricetage palatable to the client.

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